Modest sportswear is the new trend in 2019

The History of Modest Sportswear

Historical Modest SportswearUntil the early 1900’s, women wore modest sportswear to cover the entire body, which was often heavy and constrictive. For today’s level of sportswear, this may seem ridiculous, but at the turn of the century, it was the status quo. Then, in 1922, tennis player Suzanne Lenglen appeared on the tennis court in a short skirt, which allowed for greater freedom of movement, and more comfort.  Slowly, but surely tennis lead the way for change in women’s sports attire. 

From the Second World War on, the most influential element in the development of sportswear was the invention of synthetic fibers used in materials and clothes for the fashion industry. Nylon became a mainstay allowing for comfort, attractive designs and above all practicality. With the continued development of new fibers and innovative technical materials, today’s sportswear is focused on health as well as practicality and style. Today we have options that include technical “dry” fabrics, which assist in the “sweat” area, compression fabrics for blood pressure or muscle pain and even anti-microbial processes to reduce odor. Today one can literally have it all……. from changing colors to innovative fabrics and great style. While showing skin has been “in” since the miniskirt from the seventies, why not designs for those of us who feel more comfortable with clothing that touts modesty? 

Modest Sportswear in 2019

On Paris’s 2019 fall fashion runways, however, there seemed to be a change in fashion direction. We saw higher necklines, lower hemlines, and even head coverings. These trends implicate that dressing modestly can also be quite fashionable. After all, if Parisian couture is promoting this trend, we may very well be on to something. Modesty can be cool. But most importantly, today’s fashion industries allow you the choice. Women can select to dress modestly for a variety of reasons that can include religious reasons, a preferred style aesthetic, appropriate professional attire or just simply comfort for one’s body type. And now you can make this choice without compromising your sense of fashion style. One can be covered and chic! 

Modern Modest Sportswear

For many women today, modesty is a lifestyle choice, and as such the industry has shifted to cater to this enormous market. Undoubtedly, the “Women’s March” and the #MeToo movement have brought women’s issues to the forefront and provided today’s woman with a platform on which to be heard and consequentially empowered. The fashion industry has taken notice and begun being more inclusive towards various esthetics of beauty and dress. Showing skin or letting it all hang out is no longer your only option for making a statement. 

As women’s sportswear is a billion dollar business, the sportswear industry is at the forefront of this new fashion trend.  While modest swimwear has been available for over a decade, catering to women’s preferences for a stylish but modesty-oriented workout garment is no longer either unusual or particularly stigmatizing. Thanks to modesty styled athletic wear, another glass ceiling has been shattered. 

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